First Step

Switzerland  Immigrants carry with them a spin of adventure and hope for the future while they work hard and begin new lives for themselves, these immigrants still miss the taste of food back home.

Our Journey

At the early stage, Polifuds group earned a reputation in customer service. Following a direct sale at the Client domicile which gives us an edge in knowing the exact needs of the esteemed customers. Polifuds Group grew from a Taxi-shop to shopping products in wholesale and importation to meet the demand and increasing range of products. Our customers base continued to expand soaring day by day.

Today Polifuds group prides as the fastest ethnic food distributor in Switzerland. Headquatered in Industrial zone of Charvonay. Five minutes to Lausanne- Yverdon highway. We distribute over 500 different products from all regions of the world including Africa, Carribean Asia and Far East. All our customers include wholesales retailers, restaurants and all sizers.